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Many coffee drinkers think that these stove-top brewers only make espresso. Not true!! It all depends on how much coffee you use and how tightly you pack the coffee. In Europe, this is THE most common way to brew your daily coffee.

There's a good reason for that: they're easy to use and clean, and they make excellent coffee.
We LOVE that
we now have a

selection of Kopper's

Koppers Chocolate is a third-generation, private, family-owned-and-run business, and perhaps the most respected specialty panner of gourmet chocolates and specialty confections in the world.

Here's a little video
to introduce you to
Kopper's amazing

Dark Chocolate DECAF
Espresso Beans

Dark Cholcolate Irish Creme
Esresso Beans

Chocolate Espresso Beans

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate
Espresso Beans

Sugar Free DECAF
Espresso Beans

Sugar Free Bridge Mix

Chai Tea Cordials

In its own quiet way, Koppers has been producing award-winning panned chocolates also known as “dragees” (pronounced “dra-zshay”) since 1937, right in the heart of New York City's vibrant Greenwich Village. In this new millennium, Koppers marries the best of old world, quality, time-honored production techniques with the most modern high-tech stabilities.

Gourmet Chocolate Available at Cupper's Coffee
Retail Store in Lethbridge.
KEURIGS use heat and pressure to brew your coffee super-quick. We love the convenience, but the coffee provided in the pre-filled k-kups is substandard and often up to 2 YEARS OLD. Plus, when you actually figure out what you're paying per pound, it would astound you. Alert customers have informed us of prices that work out to $45 a pound. Yikes.

So we came up with the idea to offer a refillable k-kup - simple to use, simple to clean, and if you use our coffee, you're getting the best possible cup of coffee you can get out of a Keurig.

There's a few easy tips in the slide show above, including NOT PACKING the coffee when you fill the solofill filter cup. Cupper's freshly roasted coffee is so fresh, that when the hot water hits it, it "foams" (it's a sign of super-fresh coffee,) By keeping the gourmet coffee loose in the filter, you avoid over-flowing.


green coffee bean extract, green bean extract, lethbridge coffee, lethbridge green coffee beans
"Green coffee bean extract" are new buzz words in health circles. Studies suggest that green coffee beans possess many of the anti-oxidants found in Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract. Dr. Oz recommends the extract for high blood pressure because of the polyphenols.
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And that's not all.
New studies suggest that Green Bean Extract may also increase your body's metabolism and help burn fat. At Cupper's, we don't recommend this to anyone without them doing their own research and consulting their doctor.
It's just good sense.

You can buy powdered extract in capsules at your local health food store, but these are uber expensive. Consider making your own. We actually whipped up a batch in the store - it was easy, quick, and much less expensive.

Suggested Use: Green Bean Extract may be taken daily alone or mixed with other food and drink. If drinking it alone, drink 1 oz in the morning and 1 oz in the evening. Adding a bit of raw honey will help the bitter taste.

Recipe for Making Green Coffee Bean Extract:

You'll need:
  • Green coffee beans. Better quality beans will produce better extract.
  • Distilled water. Better because it contains no chlorine or minerals.
  • A regular tea pot or medium sized sauce pan with lid.
Use 2 ounces of green coffee beans to 12 oz of water. Put both in the tea pot or sauce pan and bring to boil. Turn heat down and let simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit for 1 hour. Remove the beans from the water with a slotted spoon. (The longer it sits, the stronger it will be.)

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Green coffee beans to make green coffee bean extract can be purchased from our Lethbridge coffee store. Phone 1-800-561-3136
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It's a delicious way to stay hydrated and healthy.

The flavor is light and fresh, not quite as heavy as juice, nor as plain as water.

Like all great ideas, it's basically pretty simple: put some fruit in the bottom, twist, add water in the top, shake. Voila!!

We love these Zingers.

Infusing fruits, vegetables, herbs and other flavor elements into water has its roots in Spanish Cuisine and is commonly referred to as "aguas frescas."

Keep the water and fruit in the fridge, ready to go. The cut fruit will stay reasonably fresh for up to 12 hours. AND, you can get UBER creative with it, using iced green or plain tea instead of water, which really kicks up the antioxidants.

The Zinger people have provided some really cool ideas, too: to your fruit, add some herbs (mint, basil, lavender, cilantro) or spices (vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, pepper) or natural sweeteners such as honey or syrup.

You can buy the Citrus Zingers at our Lethbridge Coffee Store location or online here.

We're not ONLY about being the best coffee in Lethbridge, after all :) We love to offer even more.

These are a summer item only. If you're thinking that they would make great gifts (and they would) you might want to plan ahead.
Pretty nifty new item.

Aqua Zingers give your water a healthy, zesty zing by grinding and releasing the essence of fresh ingredients chosen by you. Europeans call fruit- or vegetable-infused water "Spa Water."

The great things about Aqua Zingers is it encourages healthy hydration without the added sugars or chemicals that cold drinks so often have.  It will hold 20oz of water.

Aqua Zingers are easy to use and simple to clean. As you twist on the bottom cup, the blades grind your ingredients, releasing the nutrients, flavors, aromas and colors directly into your water. The pulp or rind are contained at the bottom for steeping more flavor.

Try cucumbers, lemons, blackberries, strawberries, mint, peach.....or combinations such as:
Grapefruit-Blueberry Orange-Mint

Here's all the specs:

Made from high-quality food-grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
Non-leaching, Toxin-free
BPA/EA - free Tritan plastics
No inner lining, clean tasting
Double wall insulated, Reusable
Dishwasher Safe

One of the ways you can tell it's summer here is we break out the Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

As you can see, it looks like a science experiment, or some kind of hill-billy back-woods moonshine contraption.

What's happening is: ice water drips, drop-by-drop with the help of gravity only, through our ground coffee......and eventually seeps through to the carafe at the bottom.
It takes 24 hours for this unit to make a carafe full!

Cold brew is not iced coffee. It's extracted at room temperature, using ice water. Because there isn't any heat used, there's no flavour deterioration.

The resulting brew is like an elixir: liquer-like, intense.

We sell a Cold Brew System for home that we've experimented quite a bit with.
It works just like our store model, only smaller
and better looking :)

Cold Brew Coffee Brewer

For coffee, you want to start with the best coffee possible, of course. We suggest our Ethiopian Blue Nile Yrgecheffe (in the African section), our Peruvian Cafe Feminino (in our South American section), our Indian Mangusre Mysore (in our Asian section), and our El Salvador Las Lajas (in the South American coffee.)

Well, our favourite traveling Barista (none other than David) is having a fabulous time in Thailand. These are the pictures he sent so far, and we've added his!

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